Free game engines to HTML5 and JavaScript

HTML5 with CSS3 and JavaScript allow the developer to create opportunities with the use of 3D games, animation, the Canvas, mathematics, color, sound, WebGL. One of the most obvious benefits of HTML5 is its independence from platforms, and generally filling the hardware.

A closer look you can identify additional opportunities provided by the engines: the simplification of some common tasks or uploading resources, checkin, physics, sound, bitmap’y (these, of course, a little bit). There are also pretty weak designed engines, and there are those which provide for use by the developer editor 2D levels and debugging tools for educational game development.

It is assumed that the majority of engines are used to reduce the time spent on the development of a full game. However, many developers prefer to create your project completely from scratch, to better understand its structure. There is a bit of JavaScript-HTML5 engines that are really worth something, however, and they can have one big drawback: they are no longer supported or are close to support cessation. Therefore, choosing the engine, stop your choice on the products, the support of which will last for a long enough time.