Creating software for sports competitions

We offer software for sports competitions, for registration of all participants, and tracking the progress of the competition. The system includes modules that can be adapted to customer requirements and are able to fully satisfy them. The system allows you to automate the process of conducting competitions in three schemes of competitions – circular, Olympic and mixed, as well as generate reports and draw of the tournament, and includes such features:

  • Setting the general events data – name, competition status, date of the, etc .;
  • Register direct participants – athletes, referees, coaches;
  • Implementation of the draw (scattering) of athletes using two methods – random, or at the level of the teams and discharges;
  • Creating protocols competition between the participants in a circular, Olympic and mixed systems – in each category, sex / weight / age;
  • Carrying out simultaneously several competitions;
  • Holding events on multiple platforms;
  • Calculation results of the Olympic teams manner on a specific section and as a whole;
  • Calculation and increase rankings of athletes, coaches and referees;
  • Conducting competitions books as all documentation competition and selectively;
  • Implementation of printing of diplomas to the winners and prize-winners of the competition in a predetermined pattern;
  • Corrections and changes in competition and the database;
  • Tracking the progress of the competition;
  • Export outcomes and indicators in Excel;
  • The protection of software against unauthorized access;
  • It works on all operating systems with no additional hardware;
  • The original version has a ready-made data – the competition status, weight and age categories gradation level, judicial and coaching category, etc. in English and Russian languages.