The Add/Remove Programs is missing

Programs can be installed and uninstalled from the control panel on Windows operating systems. If the add and remove program icon is missing in the control panel,it will not be possible to use this feature. Without add or remove programs,it becomes difficult to uninstall programs in a clean manner. It is simple to fix this problem. Theadd and remove program icon can be missing in the control panel because of a damaged or missing applet required for this feature. The applet is present in the form of a command in the Windows system folders and it needs to be run once to solve the issue.
This can be due to a missing or damaged file – Appwiz.cpl

This applet is stored under the name appwiz.cpl in the system 32 folder.

  • First, open the Start menu and click Run.
  • Then, in the open window, type: appwiz.cpl

When you try to update appears Error 80072ee7

If, during the check for updates, Windows Update displays an error message 80072ee7, you may need to change or remove static IP-addresses for Update service Windows. Addresses are stored in the operating system Hosts.

IP-address for the Windows Update service can change during each check for updates, but some add-in program is added to the Windows Hosts file static addresses. Static IP-address for the Windows Update service will not allow your computer to receive updates.

Removing a static IP-address for the Web site Windows Update service
1. Open Computer. To do this, click the Start button and click Computer.
2. Double-click the local hard disk where you installed Windows (usually drive C).
3. Double-click Windows, and then – the folder System32.
4. Double-click Drivers, and then – a folder, and so on. D ..
5. etc folder, right-click the hosts file, and click Open. Once you get to choose a program with which to open the file, click Notepad.
6. Check whether the hosts file in the # sign all records about IP-addresses and hostnames Update Windows. If not, insert a symbol # or delete the entry entirely.
7. Open the File menu, click Save, and repeat the check for updates.

Place saving updates obtained through the Windows Update

All updates that you download or install through the Windows Update are stored in the folder:  \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution \ Download, and in subfolders inside it. After installing the update, you can save them on your computer by simply copying the folder the file you want. Files containing in its name -express, can not re-install. Therefore, you should not copy them.

What is Windows Clipboard?

The Clipboard is a temporary storage area for information that you have copied or moved from one place and plan to use somewhere else. You can select text or graphics and then use the Cut or Copy commands to move your selection to the Clipboard, where it will be stored until you use the Paste command to insert it elsewhere. For example, you might want to copy a section of text from a website, and then paste that text into an e‑mail message. The Clipboard is available in most Windows programs.

In some versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system, the contents of the clipboard can be viewed at any time by using the Clipboard Viewer (Clipbook Viewer in Windows XP and 2000) application (clipbrd.exe). It can be run by pressing Windows key + r and typing clipbrd.exe. Alternatively, the program can be found at %windir%\system32\clipbrd.exe on such versions of Windows. In older versions of Windows the common practice was to open a copy of the “Notepad” or “Wordpad” editor, and paste into that. Often these operations are available from the “Edit” pull down menu and they may be available via a context menu, usually accessible by context-clicking in the window or dialog entry that is to be cut from or pasted into.

The standard Windows key bindings are:

  • Ctrl+C to copy data onto the clipboard
  • Ctrl+X to cut data to the clipboard
  • Ctrl+V to paste data from the clipboard

Alternative key bindings derived from the IBM Common User Access are:

  • Ctrl+Ins is copy
  • ⇧ Shift+Del is cut
  • ⇧ Shift+Ins is paste

The advantage of the alternative keys is that the fingers can stay close to the arrow and selection keys when one is editing a large body of text.

The Clipbook Viewer was removed entirely in Windows Vista.