“Tired of scrolling through lists of programs to find the ones you want to uninstall? Check out today’s app to include an uninstall option in the context menu.
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“Windows Uninstaller is a nice application that provides one-click solution to uninstall programs from your system. It’s a handy and reliable software that integrate itself to Windows explorer menu and allows you to quickly uninstall programs. Thus, you can easily uninstall any program or application by making a right mouse click on its icon. Download now and give it a try!”

“So if someone has to locate and go through each folder of the installed applications, why not just use the default utility? Well, that is where this tool really shines. Other than the context menu in the Windows Explorer, it also allows you to uninstall application through their Start Menu and Desktop shortcut entries.”


“Зачем усложнять жизнь, если то же самое намного быстрее можно сделать с помощью Windows Uninstaller? У программы нету графического интерфейса, она просто добавляет команду Uninstall в контекстное меню проводника и запускает деинсталлятор для любой выбранной программы. Никаких длительных ожиданий, дополнительных кликов и закрытий диалогов об успешном завершении. Все максимально быстро и удобно, и постоянно под рукой.”

“The app is free to use and works fine on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista & Windows XP PC. We tested this app on our Windows 8 64 bit PC and it works without any problem. App is one of the best method to quickly remove unwanted application from your windows PC.”